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              Ceramics Disc Capacitors

              • Ceramics Disc Capacitors
              • Ceramics Disc Capacitors
              • Ceramics Disc Capacitors
              Ceramics Disc CapacitorsCeramics Disc CapacitorsCeramics Disc Capacitors

              Ceramics Disc Capacitors

              • Specifications:HGK、HGT、HGR、HHK
              • Product description: WMEC-Ceramics Disc Capacitors
              • INQUIRY
              Rated Voltage
              DC 50,500V
              DC 50,500V

              Making principle:
              With high dielectric constant ceramic capacitor on a titanium oxide, barium titanate is extruded into round tube, disc or disc as the medium, and the sintering method of silver plating on ceramics as electrode made. It is divided into high frequency and low frequency of two kinds of ceramic ceramic. A capacitor with a small positive capacitance temperature coefficient, used in a high stability oscillation circuit, as a loop capacitor and a pad capacitor. Low frequency ceramic capacitor is limited to a relatively low frequency circuit for bypass or DC blocking, or loss of stability and less demanding situations, including the "high frequency". This capacitor should not be used in the pulse circuit, because they are easy to be pulse voltage breakdown.

              Ceramic capacitors can be divided into different types of plug-in and smd! According to the different media can be divided into class I and class II ceramic capacitor ceramic capacitor, usually NP0, SL0, COG is a I ceramic capacitor, X7R, X5R, Y5U, Y5V is a II ceramic capacitor, I ceramic capacitor capacity, good stability, no temperature, voltage, time of change, but general capacity is very small, while II ceramic capacitor capacity stability is very poor, with the temperature, voltage, time changes greatly, so the stability capacity is generally used in less demanding situations, such as filtering etc.!
              Important parameter:
              1 Capacitance
              2 Rated voltage
              3 Tolerance
              4 Size
              C = (e o e r A / D)
              O is the permittivity of free e space
              R is the relative dielectric constant.
              A is area of a the plate
              D is separation between the the plates.

              High voltage ceramic capacitors used in the field of high power and high voltage require the characteristics of small size, high voltage resistance and good frequency characteristics. With the development of material, electrode and manufacturing technology, the development of high voltage ceramic capacitor has made great progress and has been widely used. High voltage ceramic capacitor has become one of the indispensable components of high power and high voltage electronic products. The use of high voltage ceramic capacitors is mainly divided into power supply, power distribution system and power equipment to deal with pulse energy equipment.

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